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iTunes Connect says: invalid binary

Recently i had some trouble getting my binary accepted by iTunes Connect, although the invalid binary error can have multiple causes, here a short tip which is worth checking first before you delve into editing your plist or entitlement files.

Apple has released iCloud recently and when creating a new distribution certificate in the developer portal will have it enabled by default. However if your application isn’t iCloud aware signing your application with such a profile will probably result in above message. When you receive a message from apple saying your binary was invalid, it includes a cause simular to this: invalid Code Signing Entitlements – The signature for your app bundle contains entitlement values that are not supported.

Specifically, value “” for key “” in is not supported.

Take the following step, which might solve your problem:

  • Log in to the dev portal.
  • Check your distribution certificate for the application your tried to upload.
  • If it is iCloud enabled, proceed with the following to correct this.
  • Create a new distribution certificate for your application name (this will invalidate the old one).
  • Make sure you deselect the iCloud checkbox
  • Clean and rebuild your project, make sure you sign with the new certificate.
  • Upload to iTunes Connect and see if this solved your problem